We’re Moving!!

Moving is extremely bittersweet… 

and to skip the mushy stuff please refer to paragraph 4

That is probably the best way to describe this situation. Being a military family moving is inevitable, at least in most cases. We had a feeling the Navy was going to send us somewhere new, it took SO MANY MONTHS to find out where. During those months I did my best to keep busy with other things and try not to think about it too much since we weren’t sure when they were going to tell us where we were going.

My husband Chris came home one day and said he wanted to tell me the news in person. Once he told me we were moving to Washington state, I have to be honest, I had so many emotions running through me. At first I was upset, California has always felt like home. Leaving here just seemed unreal and I couldn’t picture us being anywhere else. This was our first home together, this is where we got engaged, this is where we learned more about each other. We have shared so many amazing memories here….but instead of saying bye to it, were saying see you later. I know for a fact that we will be back, maybe not in the area we are in now but I have a feeling that California will always truly feel like home. As I was feeling sad about leaving, I also was imagining our new adventures. I was thinking about seeing the most beautiful green trees, seeing wildlife while out camping/hiking, and the joys of creating a new home. I also had a lot of questions… how are we getting up there? Do we move everything or does the military help? When do we leave?….how much time do we have left here..?

We found out we were moving when we got back from our trip to Europe this past summer. Now it’s January and I still have all of those feelings. However, I am excited for the future. I might be attached to this place but im attached to my husband and best friend even more.. he is my home. Where he goes I go. California wouldn’t be home without him.

*Paragraph 4 – Moving on… so if you skipped down to this part were moving to Washington state, where its super green, sleepless in Seattle, the only natural rainforest in the United States…twilight. Yeah that Washington. Did you guys know that the military packs things for you?? Do you even know what that does to my ocd? Trying to go with the flow while also standing to the side saying …maybe you should put that picture in that box instead… Also going to try to make sure my big awesome mirror I have DOESN’T BREAK, if anyone moving my things is reading this.. probably not but that’s fine. Apparently we do a “Pre-Pack” or “Trial-Pack” or what I like to call it..”the house is going to be a mess for a few weeks pack” to see which of our things are going where.. with us in the Jeep or with them.

At least we are going to make an adventure out of this. We get to drive all the way up the entire West Coast! Which means we are going to do a lot of sight-seeing so if you don’t have me on instagram you probably should @leahmmiles . Going to start planning our trip a little later today. I will be sure to record any awesome food places or places to see along the way and make a blog post about our trip once its done! We are also completely redecorating our new place so a blog post of home decor will most likely be happening soon!

If you have any questions about the moving process or any military spouse tips or if you’re a military spouse who has moved before let me know! I am still constantly learning new things about all of this!

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!



Remember to Laugh at Yourself

So many things in life you have to take seriously. Too many things actually and I think sometimes we forget that were human and random things can happen. I think its important to learn to laugh at yourself. They do say that laughter is the best medicine after all, right? Which is why I wanted to have a “bloopers” section on my blog. Blogging and being a content creator isn’t easy and I have had plenty of funny moments in the process. Maybe it wasn’t funny at the time.. maybe it was embarrassing at first. I want people to know this career path isn’t perfect and life isn’t perfect so don’t feel discouraged if you feel like your life isn’t as great as others make it seem. The majority of the time everyone is just pretending!

When I was little I remember I loved getting those teen vogue magazines and I can’t remember exactly if teen vogue were the ones that had the embarrassing moments section or not but one magazine did. Basically these people would email or back then probably mail their embarassing stories to this company in hopes that their story will be shared in the magazine. Aside from being in love with the fashion and being dragged into what celebrity was dating who.. the embarassing stories were my favorite. I remember reading them and laughing so hard and thanking God that hasn’t happened to me..but I remember how it made me feel. oddly laughing at someone else made my day better as terrible as that might sound, but if the person is willing to put themselves out there like that then why not.

I have always loved making people laugh, it made me feel good that I could make someone so happy that they couldn’t contain it. Laughter is a beautiful thing and that’s why I’m creating a bloopers section. So hopefully I can make tons of people laugh even if it was at my misfortune. I hope that reading these stories will help you in not taking yourself so seriously too.


Current Favorite Teas & Drink Recipe

I know there are a lot of you that will think im crazy for saying this but I would pick tea over coffee ANYDAY. I used to love drinking coffee, my love for it started off pretty young. I remember my grandma let me try it one time because I wanted to see what it tasted like and I fell in love (of course it had a bunch of creamer & sweetener in it so that’s probably why). As I got older, my taste changed and I started to love the taste of black coffee. During this phase, I was working extremely early in the morning and I would make black coffee to take with me to work. I noticed that I started getting really shaky and jittery -if thats even a word. I knew something like that couldn’t be good for my health and my body reacts to caffeine in a very strong way.

After choosing not to deal with that anymore, I started drinking tea instead. Most of the tea I drink have little or no caffeine in them and I no longer have that gross feeling like im going to pass out or shake until I pass out. So let’s get into my current favorites…

*I add fresh honey from the farmers market to most of these teas*

  1. Daily Support by Lipton which has Turmeric, Echinacea & Ginger – I drink this every morning when I wake up. This one isn’t caffeine free but the caffine is hardly there so you don’t get that feeling of having caffine.
  2. Buttermint by Twinings is just a vanilla flavored peppermint but it’s one of the best peppermint teas I’ve had and it doesn’t have too much of one flavor. This tea is caffeine free.
  3. Stress Less by Lipton has Cinnamon, Chamomile & Lavender – This one is great as a night-time tea or just for a time you want to relax. Probably a great one if you struggle with anxiety like I do! It is also caffeine free.
  4. Earl Grey by Twinings – This is for when you’re feeling like you need more of a pick me up. This is a true dark tea and has plenty of caffeine in it. I actually fell in love with this one while traveling through Europe. Sometimes this one can be too much caffine for me.
  5. This one is a drink that you actually make and it’s called London Fog. My sister made this for me while visiting during the holidays. It’s Earl Grey with Vanilla and milk. I was reading that some people put lavender in theirs but I haven’t tried that one. Of course you can change these up and use a caffeine free tea, add the vanilla, then use almond milk.

Instructions for London Fog-


  • 3/4 cup or 6 ounces hot tea
  • 1/4 cup or 2 ounces hot milk
  • Vanilla (you can use a different sweetener if you’d like)


  • Place the teabag in a mug with boiling water and allow it to steep for 5 minutes. Remove the teabag, add a shot of vanilla and/or sweeten the tea. While the tea is steeping, heat the milk in the microwave until steaming, if you have a milk frother use it for about 15 seconds until the milk doubles in size and is really foamy. Pour the milk and froth over the hot tea and stir gently.


Let me know if you have tried this before and if you used different sweeteners/teas! I would love to try different ones!

Easiest Way to Make a Photo Album

We are pretty artsy in my family so making things like a photo album was something pretty simple for my mom and my sister, but for me, I’m a little different on how I create things. I remember growing up and not having wifi or cell phones yet but for a short period. As I was growing, so was technology. I fell in love with photography… and how you can make someone feel something just by looking at a photo. Which is probably why I ended up being a content creator in instagram. Me and technology are close friends, it’s amazing the amount of things you can do now with it.

I recently discovered this company called Motif. Basically this company made an easy way for your special memories to come to life and its all done online (which is my favorite part!). So even if you aren’t as crafty as others, you can still create a beautiful photo album. With Motif, a lot of the work is done for you! They have curated fonts, themes, and colors to make the process as easy as possible. Rather you are making a photo album for your family, a calendar to keep track or even photo cards, Every step is simple.

Here are some photos from the photo album I made! The design is all by Motif so you can make one just like this!



Here is the link to get started making your own!

Motif Photos


*This is a paid collaboration, however all thoughts are my own*

Electric Toothbrush Review

Got a new electric toothbrush today…it cleans well and that’s the tooth!

hahaha ok now that I got the joke out of the way…

To be honest, and If my husband is reading this, he will agree.. I hate going to the dentist. The smells, the noises, the toothbrush and poking… it’s all just uncomfortable. Which reminds me I need to schedule a dentist appointment. So when I was asked to do a review on an electric toothbrush, I had to think about it. I haven’t used one before and like I said before I don’t like the tools the dentist use, so why would I want to use one? I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and try it, hoping maybe if I use it then I will get use to the dentist.

The electric toothbrush I was sent is by Smile Brilliant called cariPRO Ultrasonic. The first thing I noticed about this were all the different settings! I was so worried that since my teeth are very sensitive that the vibrations would be way too harsh. There is a “sensitive” setting on the brush and that one is my favorite! I can’t rave about this enough, the brush itself is great for all types.


The first time I used the brush, I noticed that the vibration paused. I thought it was a glitch or maybe I put the head on wrong (the heads are replaceable! Yay!). For a few days I couldn’t figure out what it was.. until I started reading more about it and realized that when it pauses, it’s telling you to move on to a different section. I have never been good at reading instructions when it comes to new goodies. I just get excited about it and completely forget to read the manual, with that being said.. please remind me not to buy anything from Ikea. I love the fact that this tells you when to switch to a new area, not only do I forget but this feature makes it great for kids too!


After using this for over a week now, I noticed that overall my mouth feels cleaner. My teeth haven’t felt sensitive using it, I find myself brushing my teeth longer than I did because of the pausing of the brush. With all of that being said, this brush is a win in my book! I will link the product down below if you would like to try it out yourself, did I mention this could be a good gift too? If you have any questions about the brush feel free to ask.

Use code: michelle20 for 20% off!

Enter HERE for a chance to win this toothbrush!

Smile Brilliant Website

Electric Toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush Heads

*I was gifted this product however, all thoughts are my own*


Vegas Guide

First thing is first…

-where to take the best photos-

  • Before heading right into Vegas I know you all know about the Seven Magic Mountains and how popular this spot is. The BEST time to take a photo here (if you can help it) is early in the morning or if you’re going during the middle of the week, it will be less crowded as well. Unless you’re going during a holiday break then you’re out of luck! Now most people take their photos right up next to the rocks but recently I found out that its more appealing if you step further from the rocks and get a shot of all of them.. like this shot I got on my last trip.


  •  Getting a view with the Paris hotel Eiffel tower – theres a few ways you could do this but my favorite shot was from the Bellagio fountains.


  • At the valet entrance of  the Paris hotel, there is a replica of the Arc de Triomphe which is such a great place for a photo. Just keep in mind where the sun is located when you’re ready for this shot. I went to take this photo and had to leave and come back later because the sun was blinding my face.


  •  You will probably want a classic photo with the Vegas sign, I have not taken that photo but im sure one day I will.. so sorry for not having an example for that one. What I can tell you though is, like the Seven Magic Mountains, the Vegas sign is basically always packed and there is usually a long line to get a photo here.. the best option in my opinion would be to go at an odd time. Unless if you don’t mind waiting in line!


-prettiest hotels to stay in-

  • Caesars Palace – I have stayed in this hotel the most and it amazes me every time. The pool is amazing.. the inside of the hotel is beautiful.. make sure you get a room with the bathtub and jets. Also they have the best nightclub there called Omnia and its just as gorgeous as the rest of the place. Downside is you do have to pay for parking but the location of Caesars is perfect.
  • The Venetian- This last time I went was the first time I stayed in the Venetian and I am blown away by this place. Worth every. single. dime. I would hate to say that I like this hotel better than Caesars since I usually stay there but The rooms here are amazing and the bathroom is built for a queen. I have never seen a bathroom as incredible as this one! Could of stayed in there all day everyday. Downside is, the location of this hotel makes it a far walk to get to places like the Paris hotel. Plus side is you don’t have to pay for parking.


-food options-

  • Hex in the Paris hotel – you get a perfect view of the gorgeous Bellagio fountain and they have really really really good pizza
  • The Seafood Shack in Treasure Island- this place has amazing seafood!
  • Good ole Denny’s… I think this place speaks for itself


-few random tips-

  • Wear comfy shoes as much as you can – even my most broken-in wedges were killing me after awhile. Be prepared to walk more than you ever have…but if you forget or still want to wear those heels, they have vending machines for a pair of flats just in case.
  • Don’t forget to spend time in the room you paid for! The rooms are amazing for a reason, relax a little.. get a bath bomb from lush at the shops and take a bath while watching your favorite show (yes, the hotels I mentioned above have a T.V. in the bathroom) This might also be my favorite thing to do!
  • Go to a club at least once. The atmosphere is unlike any other and I promise you wont regret going. Even if you don’t stay for the main act, you will still have a great time! My favorite person to see is Steve Aoki. If hes in town when you are, you have got to go see him.
  • Don’t just explore Vegas during the day, make sure you do it at night too. It’s a whole different experience.
  • Visit the old Vegas. Beware there are some interesting things over there but its something worth seeing.


Hope you have the best time in Vegas!

Comfy Workout Wear

Lets be real.

When I say “comfy workout wear” I really mean comfy errands outfit.. comfy pjs.. comfy Netflix and chill outfit. Although I do love working out and its great for that too, obviously! Recently Reebok came out with a PureMoveBra, and trust me when I say this thing MOVES WITH YOU…or doesn’t move if you are having a lazy day but thats up to you. Since I do love to workout, I’m pretty good at knowing the difference between a good sports bra and a great sports bra. This one is a great one! Why, you ask?

This is made with Motion Sense Technology, which turns into liquid at slow speeds and a solid at quick speeds. This means when you’re out going for a run you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable, the Bra will do the trick and make sure everything stays in its place..(thank goodness)…and when you’re just hanging out you won’t feel stiff,  because it turns back into liquid. This sports bra uses 54 unique motion sensors compared to 2-4 that typical bras use. Which means it was made for comfort! Gym or not.   As for sizing, I believe its true to size. I just wasn’t thinking and ordered a size down from what I am and that was a mistake. At least I know my top half won’t be going anywhere though! So don’t do what I did and make sure you use the size chart on their website!

Link for product is here


Facetune_11-10-2018-19-35-22 2.JPG






*This post was sponsored by Reebok, however all thought are my own*