Snowboarding at Stevens Pass

When I was a kid, I loved skating. So how hard could snowboarding be? I love trying new things and decided to give it a shot.

Some things you should know

First of all snowboarding gear is pretty expensive so if you’re wanting to give it a try, find some secondhand gear (minus the base layer, beanie, warm socks and in my opinion the gloves too, just buy those things new plus they can be used for other things too). I looked on depop, ebay, and facebook market place in my area and found everything I needed for much cheaper.

It’s nice if you know someone who knows a lot about snowboarding so they can teach you everything you need to know while you’re out there. If not, there are many youtube videos you can watch to learn how! Also the people that work at Stevens Pass are super nice and they taught me somethings while I was there too.

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Be prepared!

Wearing all these clothes and these boots actually weigh you down and can get frustrating but it is what it is. Going into this you need to know that YOU WILL be sore the next day and even that vey day you do it. Currently on some basic pain medication so trust me.. you will be very sore and wake up feeling dead. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it or not. 

About Stevens Pass

It’s super cute! The atmosphere is really fun and relaxing. They have a cafe if you want coffee or tea or baked goods, theres cold drinks available like vitamin water and if you are into drinking they have alcohol as well, which I heard its good to drink a little bit if you are nervous to loosen up your body. So the lodge is really nice! You can’t stay the night there but there are other hotel options not far. We stayed in Leavenworth and it was the cutest place. It’s basically Christmas all the time there so if you really like Christmas then you will enjoy it there a lot. We will most likely go back there sometime to check it out more since we were only there for a couple hours. 

At Stevens Pass the parking is limited so its important to get there a little early or they can tell you that you have to come back another day if there isn’t any space available. If you plan on going up the moutain you do have to buy lift tickets (which are also pricey in my opinion). 


10/10 for Stevens Pass like I said it’s super cute and fun. Snowboarding is not very easy to learn but you can for sure get the hang of it after awhile. It was my first time and I was already on the first lift up the moutain. You will be extremly sore! Yes this is a dangerous sport so be aware of that, I saw a few injured people while I was there. It’s really what you make of it. You can go in there looking for fun and keep it lighthearted or if your there to learn as a sport thats great too or if you feel like it just isn’t right for you then oh well and you can say you did it and just resell your gear for someone else to try!

As far as me.. I did enjoy it but I’m not sure if it’s worth the pain especially since I only would want to do it every once in awhile. I might go again and I might not. I need to not be sore anymore to make that decision.. hahaha.




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