Decor Inspo

The first home my husband and I had was a one bedroom tiny house. I mean it was an actual tiny house. Over time we realized how inconvenient it was but we also cherished those years in that home we made together. One thing I was always a little sad about was not being able to decorate really since there wasn’t much space for home decor.

Moving was not an easy thing.. but one thing I soon realized was our home was going to be much bigger, which would give us the space to decorate. Flash forward to now and the decorating is in progress! Slowly but surly our home is coming together and its made the move a lot more appealing.

Below is a photo of our cute little dinning room and I will link the pieces as well along with a few of my other favorite home decor I have found on my search.

Tin farmhouse clock -similar item here

Farmhouse chairs here

Drop leaf table -similar item here

Entry Table

Leather Pouf

Floating Shelf


Floor Tree

3 Piece Basket Set

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