We’re Moving!!

Moving is extremely bittersweet… 

and to skip the mushy stuff please refer to paragraph 4

That is probably the best way to describe this situation. Being a military family moving is inevitable, at least in most cases. We had a feeling the Navy was going to send us somewhere new, it took SO MANY MONTHS to find out where. During those months I did my best to keep busy with other things and try not to think about it too much since we weren’t sure when they were going to tell us where we were going.

My husband Chris came home one day and said he wanted to tell me the news in person. Once he told me we were moving to Washington state, I have to be honest, I had so many emotions running through me. At first I was upset, California has always felt like home. Leaving here just seemed unreal and I couldn’t picture us being anywhere else. This was our first home together, this is where we got engaged, this is where we learned more about each other. We have shared so many amazing memories here….but instead of saying bye to it, were saying see you later. I know for a fact that we will be back, maybe not in the area we are in now but I have a feeling that California will always truly feel like home. As I was feeling sad about leaving, I also was imagining our new adventures. I was thinking about seeing the most beautiful green trees, seeing wildlife while out camping/hiking, and the joys of creating a new home. I also had a lot of questions… how are we getting up there? Do we move everything or does the military help? When do we leave?….how much time do we have left here..?

We found out we were moving when we got back from our trip to Europe this past summer. Now it’s January and I still have all of those feelings. However, I am excited for the future. I might be attached to this place but im attached to my husband and best friend even more.. he is my home. Where he goes I go. California wouldn’t be home without him.

*Paragraph 4 – Moving on… so if you skipped down to this part were moving to Washington state, where its super green, sleepless in Seattle, the only natural rainforest in the United States…twilight. Yeah that Washington. Did you guys know that the military packs things for you?? Do you even know what that does to my ocd? Trying to go with the flow while also standing to the side saying …maybe you should put that picture in that box instead… Also going to try to make sure my big awesome mirror I have DOESN’T BREAK, if anyone moving my things is reading this.. probably not but that’s fine. Apparently we do a “Pre-Pack” or “Trial-Pack” or what I like to call it..”the house is going to be a mess for a few weeks pack” to see which of our things are going where.. with us in the Jeep or with them.

At least we are going to make an adventure out of this. We get to drive all the way up the entire West Coast! Which means we are going to do a lot of sight-seeing so if you don’t have me on instagram you probably should @leahmmiles . Going to start planning our trip a little later today. I will be sure to record any awesome food places or places to see along the way and make a blog post about our trip once its done! We are also completely redecorating our new place so a blog post of home decor will most likely be happening soon!

If you have any questions about the moving process or any military spouse tips or if you’re a military spouse who has moved before let me know! I am still constantly learning new things about all of this!

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!



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