Comfy Workout Wear

Lets be real.

When I say “comfy workout wear” I really mean comfy errands outfit.. comfy pjs.. comfy Netflix and chill outfit. Although I do love working out and its great for that too, obviously! Recently Reebok came out with a PureMoveBra, and trust me when I say this thing MOVES WITH YOU…or doesn’t move if you are having a lazy day but thats up to you. Since I do love to workout, I’m pretty good at knowing the difference between a good sports bra and a great sports bra. This one is a great one! Why, you ask?

This is made with Motion Sense Technology, which turns into liquid at slow speeds and a solid at quick speeds. This means when you’re out going for a run you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable, the Bra will do the trick and make sure everything stays in its place..(thank goodness)…and when you’re just hanging out you won’t feel stiff,  because it turns back into liquid. This sports bra uses 54 unique motion sensors compared to 2-4 that typical bras use. Which means it was made for comfort! Gym or not.   As for sizing, I believe its true to size. I just wasn’t thinking and ordered a size down from what I am and that was a mistake. At least I know my top half won’t be going anywhere though! So don’t do what I did and make sure you use the size chart on their website!

Link for product is here


Facetune_11-10-2018-19-35-22 2.JPG






*This post was sponsored by Reebok, however all thought are my own*






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