How to Find Instagram Worthy Locations & A Few Tips

You might not think that the location of your photos is that important, especially if you’re a fashion blogger but truth is… all aspects of the photo are important. It’s also really good to pay attention to details –If you’re taking a photo in a public place, it might be hard to get that perfect shot without people in it. *Pro tip– Don’t take photos with your iphone. If you’re serious about being an influencer than you need the right tools, so get a real camera. *Another pro tip- put the camera setting on continuous so you get tons of photos from that moment. Now back to the *people problem* you might not get a shot without people and honestly that’s alright, as long as you are still the main focus in the photo.

Sometimes finding a good spot for a photo shoot can be tricky and yes people do watch you because they are curious so if you’re too shy then this is not the career for you. Sometimes the spot you want to take a photo at just isn’t working. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve wanted my photo infront of something and the next day it’s gone. *Pro Tip- Don’t wait too long before taking a photo somewhere you really want one, TAKE CHANCES! I do a lot of research.. like a lot. You need a clear vision of what you are really wanting and don’t settle for anything less. Keep looking until you find that perfect spot. Also don’t say no to photo opportunities. There has been many times where my husband and I have walked past something and he suggests that we do photos with it. At first I might be skeptical of the idea but most of the time those photos turn out great!

Yes some photos are staged and planned, however there are so many photos that have been spontaneous. Just go out and walk around your town, I promise there are so many photo opportunities if you just look a little. Last weekend I came up with this outfit ( in the photo above) and I immediately thought of the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s –specifically the part where she is looking for Cat. I wanted to take that idea and turn it into a photo. I said ok first thing is first I just need to find an alleyway. I play off ideas with my hubby and he thinks of our little downtown area. We start walking up and down the street and suddenly I fall in love with this one place. It’s exactly what I had pictured in my head except it’s gated and you can’t get through it. We thought that was the end of that until we realized that the alleyway belonged to the bar sitting next to it. I didn’t want to leave that place without taken my photo there so we walked in and simply asked if we could take some photos. The owner was incredibly sweet and let us have the alleyway. *Pro Tip- If you need to ask permission, don’t be afraid to do so!

*I hope this helps you in whatever photo taking adventure you wish to go on*


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