Don’t Hate, Meditate

I was very young when I found out that I have anxiety. First it started out as social anxiety, basically whenever I went into a restraunt I would get so anxious and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I remember my mom had this frog game on her phone and that was the only thing that kept me calm when we went out to eat. Things got worse when I entered high school, with all of the bullying and stress that comes along with it. I realized that I wasn’t eating as well as what I should of been, but it was extremly hard for me to eat when I had these bad feelings in my stomach and my chest felt so heavy. I did get a prescription to help with the symptoms and calm me down some. Of course it helps but it won’t ever be able to rid the problem. Unfortunatly me and serveral other people in the world will have to live with this and I guarentee that at one point in your life, you probably will experience a tiny bit of it too.

Now that I’m older I have new worries and new emotions that come along with being an adult.. how much is my check going to be from work? Did I get everything I needed from the grocery store? What was that thing my husband tried telling me earlier?? Stress happens to all of us and I would love to share with you the things that work for me.

  1. I always take my medicine (if you have medicine for anxiety USE IT, it was given to you for a reason)
  2. Making sure you get enough sleep
  3. Do not eat sweet things before bed
  4. When you notice you might start having an attack, take deep breaths, step outside if you’re inside for fresh air and note that everything will be ok
  5. Do MORE of what makes you happy and LESS things that cause stress, I know we all need jobs but it is more than ok to take a break, whats the point in killing yourself over a job anyways?
  6. Eat healthy, yep that candy you’re eating also causes anxiety
  7. keep a good workout schedule, even if you only workout once a week, thats better than nothing at all!
  8. MEDITATE – I can not tell you how much this has helped me, my husband was the one that got me into doing this and at first I thought it was stupid but seriously try it for a few days and you will be hooked

Meditation has a lot of health benifits like ANXIETY, asthma, cancer, chronis pain, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, IBS.. etc. When you meditate you are allowing your body that calm time that it needs. Think about everything your body goes through in a day, its a lot! Be patient with yourself. When I meditate it’s almost like being in my own little world, and when I’m done I feel calm and relaxed. I feel like I can take on whatever the day gives me. You truly end up having a different outlook on life.

If you’re interested, I use this app called Calm. Theres sessions for beginners, sessions for different emotions.. really theres something for everyone. Just give it a shot and it will probably change your life.

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