Live Every Moment

Some of you know that my husband is in the Navy and that can mean a lot of things but one big thing it does mean is, nothing is concrete. Things can change at the drop of a hat and you just have to try to prepare yourself the best you can. These past two years we have been very, very lucky. My hubby right now is technically on sea duty which means he shouldn’t even be here with me. In any other case, he would be deployed somewhere in the ocean hence “sea duty”. We are so lucky that we are having this time together and I will forever be grateful for it.

Recently my hubby’s work held a Christmas party. As we talked and joked around with new/old friends I looked around and realized some important things. The love of my life is here with me while so many others are missing their other half. I know what its like to have them gone and it is one of the hardest things you have to do. You know it’s their job and you are so proud of them but at the same time you feel like half of you is missing. I know that feeling all too well and I know I will have to go through it again, and again but its worth it. Everything about this lifestyle is worth it because of him. I never imagined that when I would find the love of my life that he would end up being gone for months at a time, nor did I think I would be strong enough to handle it. — I didn’t mean for all of that to come out but I felt like it needed to be said, and just to let everyone know, there is no better feeling then seeing him for the first time in months. How many people can say that they get to fall in love with their soul mate more than once??

The other thing that I realized while everyone was talking was, we might all be here right now… but we won’t all be here together like this for very long. Soon my hubby will get to “pick” new orders and I put it in quotations because basically what happens is you get a list of places that are needing people and for what position, then you get to pick your top 5 places. I know we won’t be staying here forever, rather its leaving in a year or four years. Eventually everyone will have to leave at some point. It made me wonder where all of these people are going to go, what amazing places will they get to visit, who will they fall in love with, will we ever see them again… I realized that right now, this is what we have. We have the present. We have this very moment. It won’t last forever and thats ok because then we get new memories and new experiences. I’m not saying I won’t miss this because I will. I’ll miss our first house that we shared together as a married couple. I’ll miss the beach that was there for me when my husband was gone and when he proposed. I’ll miss our favorite restaurants and our friends that we’ve made. Once you slow down and take a step back and realize that life is happening at this very moment, you will see what is truly important to you. You will see what matters most.

One day were going to have a kid, maybe two, or three. One day we won’t be a military family anymore. One day our kids will grow up and live their own lives. I want to celebrate every single moment as it comes along, but I will always remember this time as  my favorite. I want to enjoy being young for as long as I can and as for my New Years resolution, I want to truly live every moment.



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