My love affair with hair

I can’t remember exactly how old I was when I first dyed my hair, I know I was younger than 13 though. I remember standing in the walmart hair section with my sister and my mom was picking out hair dye. I remember thinking about how badly I wanted to dye my hair and I wasn’t even sure why. Might of been because my mom and sister did it so I wanted to see what it was like. My mom let me get hair dye that day and I chose an auburn shade, my hair was incredibly blonde back then so the auburn ended up being more of a red. I fell in love with the way it changed you, it makes you feel like a different person. I believe that is why so many people dye their hair or wear wigs.. maybe they just want to be someone different for a change. Or maybe they are just bringing out the real person they are. Changing your hair is a way of expressing yourself. One of the beauties of doing things to your hair is that it will always go back to the way it was, rather you cut it short and immediately regretted it or you dyed it a color that you totally hate.. come on I know you all have been there. About 2 months ago I got bangs which to me was the biggest mistake EVER luckily I have a very good friend that told me otherwise.On a side note- I have probably had 4 sets of extensions total, in this picture I am wearing my most recent and most beautiful set that I have had. I will link down below where you can find them!

I love hair and beauty so much that I actually went to Paul Mitchell for it and it was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. If you are thinking about going to school for cosemtolgy I highly recommend going! Check to see if you have a Paul Mitchell school nearby.. I hear they are the best *wink *wink.



the most amazing extensions ever

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